Board of Directors


_0016_RanCohenRan Cohen


Ran Cohen is a former Minister of Industry and Trade. Since 2009, he has served as the President of the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, since 2011, Cohen has been Chairman of the Israeli Institute of Standards. Ran was born in Iraq in 1937, immigrated to Israel when he was 13, and grew up in Kibbutz Gan Shmuel.

After just a few years of living in Israel, Ran joined the army and served as a Colonel in the IDF. Following the army, Cohen competed a dual B.A. degree in Philosophy and Economics at Tel Aviv University. From 1984 to 2009, Ran served in the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament. He represented both the Ratz and Meretz parties and additionally headed several Knesset committees, including the Security and Foreign Affairs committee.

Ran is most often identified with the “Law of Public Housing”, which states that residents of government provided houses are allowed to assume legal ownership of their residency. Ran also served as the Chairman of the “Beit Or Aviva” Organization for the Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts and provided lectures pertaining to legislation and public policy at several universities across Israel.

Ron Doron 80Ron Doron
Vice President
Chairman of the Israel-Philippines C.o.C. & Chairman of the Israel-Singapore & Malaysia C.o.C.

Ron Doron is a very experienced businessman specializing in marketing and business development mainly in the Asian, West, East & Central European markets, with over 35 years extensive activities in these markets and with the Israeli industry.

Ron is the CEO of Systematitech Ltd., Dies Company Ltd. & FCIL Ltd. As well as, Board Member of StatiTech Ltd. and KnockN’Lock ltd.

In the past he was VP International Marketing & Business development manager in leading Israeli company and later in Swedish company in the the field of security.

Ron has joined the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce in 1985 and served as Vice president of the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce for 4 years and later as the Chairman of the Israel-Singapore, Philippines & Malaysia Chamber of Commerce.

Ron holds a B.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering & managment (with distinction) from the Technion in Haifa.

Ben BarBen Bar
Vice President
Chairman of the Water Committee


Mr. Bar has an in-depth cultural and business knowledge of international markets in both mid- and high-tech industries, a business growth expert with extensive experience and understanding of Asian markets.

Mr. Bar is responsible for the growth of a number of global companies and held senior positions while living in London for 10 years and in Hong Kong for 5 years.

Served as CEO for TandaPro Ltd. (Hong Kong), CORALPLAN Ltd London ( UK) and as Executive member & Senior VP in public companies such as Galtronics, Orbit FR and AMIAD.

Mr. Bar joined the Chamber after returning from Hong Kong in 2002, served as the Charmian of the Finance and Control Committee, and in the past years is the Chairmanof the Water committee.

As a business growth expert, Mr. Bar is now focusing through his own Business Development and Project Development companies on mitigation and realizing opportunities generating growth between Western and Asian companies in the specific context of innovation and creating value.

Mr. Bar received a Bachelor of Arts with Honors from the University of Haifa, Studied Eastern Studies in the College for Oriental Studies (London), and holds with honors an Electronic Practical Engineer from the Technion.

Gilad Tuffias

Gilad Tuffias
Managing Director


Gilad joined the Chamber of Commerce in 2016 and is a strong believer in building trustworthy relationships towards achieving business goals.

Prior to joining the Chamber of Commerce (2013-2016), Gilad served as the head of business development of Fischer Behar Chen Well Orion & Co., one of Israel’s largest and leading law firms. 

Prior thereto (2011-2013), Gilad founded and managed ‘TechLoft’, a collaborative office space and provider of services for internet & mobile start-ups, and between 2008-2011, served as the head of business development & in-house legal counsel of Raicol Crystals, a world-leading manufacturer of electro-optic elements and non-linear crystals, with operations in China.

Gilad holds degrees in business management (B.A., major in finance) and law (LL.B. and LL.M. (Magna Cum Laude)) from the IDC Herzliya , is a member of the Israeli Bar Association and a certified mediator. Since 2003, he has been the co-founder and manager of ‘Common Future’, Israel’s first academic endowment fund (at the IDC Herzliya), the earnings of which are directed towards student scholarships.

During his studies, Gilad served as Vice Chairman of the Student Union and as a supervisor of the Legal Aid and Social Involvement Program, and in 2005, was awarded for his spirit of volunteerism and outstanding contribution to Israeli society, by the South African Zionist Federation.

Michal Chetrit
Board Member 



Michal commenced working in Israel in 2002 in the area of corporate training followed by a period of military service in the Intelligence Branch of the IDF.

After completing her military service, Michal obtained a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Economics at the University of Pennsylvania (The Wharton School), graduating in May 2009.

Michal thereafter worked in the field of Business Development at a tech startup company, Medico, Inc., in New York City until her appointment to CST Tax Advisors in November 2011.

In 2013 Michal joined the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce and was appointed Vice Chairwoman of the Israel-Singapore, Malaysia & Philippines Chamber of Commerce. During 2014-2015 Michal fulfilled the role of Managing Director of the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce. In addition to managing the Chamber, Michal also co-founded CST Tax Advisors in Tel Aviv and oversees global operations of CST Trustees in Cyprus.

Michal graduated from the Tel Aviv University Law School in 2015 and commenced her legal career at the Tel Aviv-based Law Firm Goldfarb Seligman in March 2016.


_0007_Korot Raviv ByronRaviv Byron
President of the Israel-India and Nepal Chamber of Commerce

Raviv Byron has been instrumental in establishing the Federation of Indo-Israel Chambers of Commerce in Mumbai. He is an intermittent resident of Mumbai, India since 1994 because he has been traveling there intensively since 1983.

Since 1991, Raviv’s main business objectives and concentrations had and still have to do with developing bi-lateral relations between Israel and India mainly in the fields of agriculture and medical equipment.

Since 1991, Raviv is the Managing Director of PACE Agricultural Systems Ltd., an Israel-based company active in the establishment of turnkey agricultural projects in India. Projects like these are concerned with the development of crops, the supply of agricultural inputs, food processing, and marketing that has an emphasis on health foods.

Since 2006, Raviv has been the Managing Director of Haitech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., an India-based company that is the most active Israeli representative for market development in the fields of agriculture and medical equipment.

_0015_Anat Bernstein-ReichAnat Bernstein-Reich
Chairperson, Israel-India & Nepal C.o.C.
Chairperson, Israel-Sri Lanka C.o.C.

Anat Bernstein-Reich is a business development specialist for Emerging Markets. She is also the co-founder and Managing Partner of the Israeli office of A&G Partners, an investment and advisory firm operating on the axis of Israel, India, and Sri Lanka.

Anat is a columnist at The Marker, an Israeli business magazine, writing about India and its business dynamic, and is also a frequent speaker on “doing business in India”. She served as a consultant to The World Bank in Washington for various economic development projects, co-founded 2 start-up companies in the USA, and worked with Israeli technology incubators to promote strategic partnerships between Israeli and American technology companies within Silicon Valley.

Anat holds a LL.B. degree from the Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University, is a member of the Israeli Bar Association, and holds an MBA (with distinction) in Finance from the University of San Francisco.

_0010_Korot Jacob KattanJacob Kattan
Vice Chairman of the Israel-India and Nepal Chamber of Commerce

Jacob Kattan, born 1949, owns and heads JKD TRADING LTD, a 25-year-old diamond manufacturing, importing, and exporting company based in Tel Aviv, but also has a US subsidiary.

The company’s extensive ties to the Indian market enable Mr. Kattan among other matters, to initiate and advance the establishing of the Israeli branch of the State Bank of India
. He has also been active in the Israeli Diamond and Jewelry community since the early 1990’s – he is an active participant of the Israel Export Institute, the Diamond Manufacturers Organization, and the Diamond Exchange, where he currently serves as Senior Vice President.

He is also an active member Lahav, the Asia-Israel Chamber of Commerce, and various charities. His academic resume includes Business Administration and Accounting studies from London and Israeli certificates in Business Mediation & Bridging.

_0014_amosyudanAmos Yudan
Chairman of the Israel-China and Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce

Amos Yudan, an Israeli businessman, is the President & C.E.O of Comodan Far East, Chairman of Israel-China-Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the Friends Association of “Hiyot”, a non-profit organization for Ethiopian youth at risk.

Amos is a pioneer who paved the road for the commercial relationship between Israel and China, on behalf of the Israel Government. Amos was elected, on 1988, by the Israeli Prime Minister, to establish COPECO Company, with the purpose of building trade relation between Israel and China.

Comodan represented more than 20 Israeli Companies and established more than 40 projects in China in infrastructure, security, agriculture and hi-tech.

Today, Comodan has been acting as the exclusive representative of Nuctech Co. Ltd., a subsidiary company of Tongfang Group and Tsinghhua University. Nuctech Co. supplies high-energy scanning systems, which has been operating in the various Crossing Boarders throughout Israel.

Comodan has been representing CREC/CRTG , both Chinese leading companies and together participated in several Israel Governmental tenders for tunnels & roads, bridges and railways.

_0013_Ilan MaorIlan Maor
Co-Vice Chairman of the Israel-China and Hong Kong C.o.C.

In January 2008, Ilan Maor became both a Managing Director and equity partner at SHENG-BDO Ziv Haft, a leading business development, investment, and technology cooperation company that operates in both China and Israel. Ilan heads the company’s overall operations, as well as their marketing and technological cooperation sectors in Israel. 

In June 2009, Ilan Maor became the Vice President of the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce and the Vice Chairman of the Israel-China Chamber of Commerce.

However, before joining SHENG-BDO Ziv Haft in 2008 and the Chambers of Commerce in 2009, Ilan headed the Economics Department at the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is responsible for overlooking economic endeavors within the Asia-Pacific region, Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and many international economic organizations.

Ilan served as the Consul General of Israel in Shanghai from 2001-2005. Ilan also served as the head of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s negotiating team, as a Director at the Israel Economic and Culture Office in Taipei, and as the Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of Israel in Kathmandu.

Ilan holds an MBA from the Thames Valley University and a B.A. with honors from Tel Aviv University.

_0005_Korot Yoav SadeYoav Sade
Co-Vice Chairman of the Israel-China and Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce

Yoav Sade is a partner at the corporate and securities groups at the law firm of Meitar Liquornik Geva & Leshem Tal. Yoav leads the firm’s Chinese relations department.

Yoav has had extensive experience working on matters relating to the Chinese market for over 25 years. He has worked for several years in one of the leading PRC law firms in Hong Kong. In addition, Yoav was involved in numerous transactions and projects relating to China and Chinese companies in diversified areas.

Now, Yoav also represents Chinese companies (including VCs and SOEs) in matters relating to their activities in Israel. This includes him overlooking their investments in Israel, maintaining relations with Israeli authorities and regulators, establishing presence in Israel, fulfilling day-to-day operation of their Israeli subsidiaries, and participating in public and private tenders in Israel.

_0017_Korot Erez-Faitphoto -0070-face 2014-02-03Erez Fait
Chairman of the Israel-Indonesia C.o.C.


Erez Fait, CEO of Fait Holdings Ltd., has over 30 years of experience in the security and communication systems sector, in R&D, marketing and strategy positions at Tadiran Systems, and in ECI Telecom, which he left in 2000 to establish Platinet Communication, a location based services startup in collaboration with Orange Partner Communications.

In 1995, Erez actively entered the Chinese and Southwest Asian markets and began specifically focusing on the field of ECI Telecom optical communications equipment sales.

In 2001, Erez began working at Fait Holdings Ltd. by representing and selling communications solutions and technological partnerships with telecommunications and security companies in Southeast Asia. 
 Erez has been operating for companies in Southeast Asia for 15 years, promoting projects in sectors such as communications, security, and Israeli knowledge and technology (with an emphasis on green and renewable technology) to emerging regions.

Fait Holdings operates closely with government companies in the relevant fields and has recently begun operations in the industrial agriculture sector. 
Erez is married, has two children, has an MBA from the University of Derby, and practices hobbies such as photography and flying model airplanes.

_0000_Korot EmShafEmanuel Shahaf
Vice Chairman of the Israel-Indonesia C.o.C.


Emanuel Shahaf was born in Germany in 1954 and immigrated to Israel in 1972. From 1974 to 1980, he studied Aeronautical Engineering at the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), graduating with a B.Sc. and M.Sc. From 1979 to 1986, he served as staff officer in the Israel Air Force. From 1986 to 1988, he studied for an MBA at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Upstate New York.

In 1989, he joined the Prime Minister’s Office in Tel Aviv and served in various positions at home and abroad until retiring from the position in 2003. He then worked on an Israeli business development in Indonesia and engaged in public activities. In 2012 he competed for a place on the Knesset list of the Israel Labor Party.

He currently serves as CEO of Technology Asia Consulting Ltd. ( and as Vice Chairman of the Israeli-German Society (

tsvika picTsvi Kan-Tor
Chairman of the Israel-Armenia Chamber of Commerce

Tsvi Kan- Tor was appointed as the Chairman of the Israel- Armenia Chamber of Commerce on January 2015.

Tsvi is the founding partner of Kan-Tor & Acco law form, which specializes in Expert Mobility and is considered to be a leading lawyer in the field. Among his public positions are membership at the GCRT community at the IBA.

Tsvi holds a LLB degree from Tel Aviv University and has co-written over 12 books on the subject of entrepreneurship of small businesses and Global Expert Mobility. Tsvi has also given many lectures on these subjects, and frequently provides expert commentary on the media.

suren picSuren Shahnzarian
Vice Chairman of the Israel-Armenia Chamber of Commerce

Suren Shahnazarian has served as the Vice Chairman of the Israel- Armenia Chamber of Commerce since 2015.

Suren is a certified member of the International Association of Movers and Freight Forwarders.

Suren works at Teamnet LTD as an Export / Import Manager, specializing in shipping, packing and moving and holds a Master degree in Literature from the Yerevan State Linguistic University.

_0006_Korot Yair GevaAdv. Yair Geva
Vice Chairman of the Israel-Singapore & Malaysia C.o.C.

Yair focuses on cross-border mergers and acquisitions and on private equity and venture capital investments, with an emphasis on the representation of hi-tech and life science companies ranging from Israel’s most innovative start-ups to leading public companies.

Prior to joining Herzog Fox & Neeman, an Israeli law firm, Yair practiced at the offices of Gibson Dunn & Crutcher and Davis Polk & Wardwell in New York, where he focused on public and private mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, joint ventures, and other strategic collaborations. He represented clients such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, St. Jude Medical, Northrop Grumman, and E-Trade. Prior to moving to New York, Yair practiced with one of Israel’s leading law firms and focused heavily on the high-technology industry.

Yair serves as Vice Chairman of the Israel-Singapore & Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce.

Reuven KriefReuven Krief
Chairman of the Israel-Myanmar Laos and Cambodia Chamber of Commerce
Chairman of the Israel-Thailand Desk

Reuven has more than 25 years of experience in the field of international freight forwarding, with specialization in sales, marketing and senior management of large activities companies in the logistics domain.

In 1994, Reuven & Irit Krief founded the Krief Group which specializes in global logistics solutions for importers and exporters and provides a One-Stop-Shop package of services for those operating in international trade and the supply chain, with an emphasis on the Asian market. 

Areas of expertise such as shipping, aviation, marine insurance, logistics, storage, distribution and project management are provided by the Group’s main companies: 

Krief Albatros Ltd. operates in international freight forwarding and customs, exclusively representing the global freight forwarding company JAS in Israel.

GCX Global Courier Express Ltd. , a private international courier B2B and B2C company specializing in E-commerce shipments from China and the US to the customer’s door in Israel including customs clearance. Exclusive representative of China Air Express in Israel.

Krief Marine Insurance Agency Ltd., which provides insurance services for import and export cargoes, as well as general insurances for business and private sectors.

TLI Toam International Logistics Ltd., specializing in import and export in the kibbutz sector and providing a range of advanced logistical solutions for exporters.

Rom Top Aviation Ltd., which provides GSA services to Asian foreign airlines.

Reuven is licensed in International freight forwarding from the Customs Authority (1995) and from the F.I.A.T.A in Zurich, Switzerland (1997) and served as lecturer for freight forwarding and logistics at the Israeli Chamber of Commerce, the Commerce Bureau and the Management College.

Reuven serves as an Active Member of the Executive Board of the Israeli Federation Forwarding and Customs Clearing Agents and is Chairman of the Israel-Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and the Thailand Desk.

headYael Hsu
Chairwoman of the Israel-Taiwan Chamber of Commerce

Yael Hsu, a business woman and consultant to leading companies in the Israeli industry, was born to a father from China and mother from Taiwan (1980). Following her studies in English language and linguistics at the Academy in China with honors, researched on the issue of Judaism and decided to immigrate to Israel for the purpose of conversion in Bnei-Brak. Israeli citizen since 2006.

Her talent and ability in business development were discovered shortly after receiving her first job in Israel’s leading mobile trading company, when by her own initiative managed to close the largest and most profitable deal in the company’s history, and succeeded to bring mobile manufacturers from Korea and Taiwan as close business partners.

In 2009 Yael returned to Taiwan, serving as Sales & Marketing Deputy Manager at the giant technology firm TECO and was responsible for China, Taiwan and Japan markets.

In early 2013 Yael’s family decided to return to Israel. Mr. Ohad Hirsch, her husband, a business developer and entrepreneur has founded the Chinese Business Consultancy “Yael Hsu”, which provides business services to leading Israeli companies, VCs, government offices and more. By 2015, Yael Hsu business consultancy represents a growing number of companies from China and Taiwan with business operations in Israel.

02Dr. Saul Reichman
Chairman of the Israel-Korea Desk

Dr. Saul Reichman brings vast intercultural management experience to the Israel-Korea desk with a deep understanding of the South Korean market and business culture. Having lived and studied there for several years, he specializes in business development operating on the axis of Israel and South Korea. He travels regularly to Korea on business, engaged in High-Tech entrepreneurship and venture capital and is a frequent guest speaker among several Korean governmental offices and agencies, including numerous ‘Chaebol’ conglomerates in the attempt to further establish Korea’s Creative Start-Up Ecosystem. In addition, Saul consults to Korean and Israeli companies that are interested in sourcing goods and parts, production cooperation, inspection services, logistics, as well as banking and financing in several fields (agricultural, military, refractories, automotive, raw materials, hardware, castings, etc.) from both countries. He is also an active angel investor and a board member of several Israeli-based companies. Until the termination of Challenge Fund – Etgar II L.P. in 2014, Saul served as an Executive Vice President and a member of the fund’s investment committee. He provided strategic consulting, screening and scouting services to multinational corporations with respect to their external technology acquisition efforts in Israel. Prior to assuming his role at Challenge Fund, Saul was Scientist-in-Residence at Precede Technologies, an early-stage Cleantech oriented venture arm of Pitango VC and Evergreen Venture Partners. Furthermore, he successfully licensed technologies from the Israeli academia: A.I.T. a small wind turbine start-up (CEO & Founder, Technion); Lunaros an online liquid monitoring start-up (Co-founder, Weizmann Institute of Science).

Saul holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Tel-Aviv University with emphasis in Applied Electrochemistry, an MBA specializing in strategy & entrepreneurship, a BSc in Chemistry (graduated magna cum laude), and a BA in French Culture studies (graduated summa cum laude).

He was appointed as the Chairman of the Israel- Korea Desk on June 2015 and serves since then as a Board Member in the Israel Asia Chamber of Commerce.

_0008_Korot Omri HorowitzOmri Horowitz
Chairman of the Israel-Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia C.o.C.


Omri has a track record of over 20 years serving IT and Telecommunications companies such as ClickSoftware, ECI Telecom, ArelNet, and Safend in the APAC Region.

In recent years, Omri has worked as an entrepreneur, establishing and managing an “Israel-India” Consortium of high tech companies working in India. He also founded Meeting Angels – a official market place for business meetings and Amassare – a company that offers Big Data driven solution that also makes technology and a variety of tools for the IP market.

Omri is the head of the Israel-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and the CEO of YaoTrade; he is also active in bringing up agriculture and infrastructure projects in Vietnam. 

empty-profileEliezer Manor
Chairman of the Technology Committee


 Eliezer Manor is a businessman engaged in hi-tech entrepreneurship and venture capital. His activities are carried out through his wholly owned company – Shirat Enterprises LTD. 

Eliezer is a physicist and graduate of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, who spent many years with the Israeli Defense Forces and the R&D Department of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, in the field of Electro-Optics.

His past and present activities cover the entire “spectrum” and sequence of hi-tech related activities. His experience includes High-Tech Entrepreneurship in Israel and the US, Angel investments and portfolio companies, Technological Incubation in Israel, Venture Capital in Israel and in the US, Corporate Venture Capital, joint programs with Multi-National Companies, joint programs with the Israeli and foreign governments, Investment Banking, and Stock Markets of Hi-Tech/Hi-Growth companies. He was and presently is a Board Member of private and public companies traded on NASDAQ and on TASE (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange).

For this purpose, Shirat Enterprises LTD has a wholly owned subsidiary in China with Israeli partner Mr. Dov Mishor, and Chinese partner, Mr. Bob Chang. Mr. Dov Mishor served as the Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Mr. Bob Chang is a former Chinese venture capitalist. 

_0001_Korot Dan Rymon - photoDr. Dan Rymon
Chairman of the Agriculture Committee


Dr. Dan Rymón, Ph.D. Agricultural Economics, Szent Istvan U., Hungary. Dan majored in marketing and economics and is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pomeg-Tech and is in charge of business development.

Dr. Dan Rymón is active in Israel and other countries in fields such as agricultural marketing and development, R&D management, and interrelationships of R&D, economics, and marketing.

Dr. Rymón held many important positions that provide him with powerful experience. Dr. Rymón held positions such as Chief economist responsible for business development at the Israel Dairy Board, Research economist at the Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) of Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Member of ARO management responsible for research projects, budget control, and later for marketing strategy. Dr. Rymón developed a series of new economic and marketing models to support R&D management.

After leaving the ARO, Dr. Rymón carried out research projects, implemented innovation, and carried out marketing of IP. He was a consultant to venture capital funds (VC) and start-up firms and taught academic courses on “Management and Economics of Biotechnology” and “Global Marketing”.

Dr. Rymón was the founding member, and is presently the CEO of Pomeg-Tech.
 He also serves as the Chairman of the Agricultural Committee of the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce.

korot yoram grosYoram Gros
Chairman of the Enivronmental & Cleantech Committee

Yoram Gros is the CEO of Wanson Technologies Ltd. (WT), a privately owned company specializing in System Solutions and Equipment, mainly for energy and environmental protection fields.

In addition to the systems and equipment offered, WT has established a branch in India. The Indian branch sources equipment and provides services to Israeli companies operating in Israel and in India. In as early as 1968, WT introduced the Israeli market to the Liquid Phase Heater (thermal oil) and has supplied hundreds of systems in Israel and abroad. In many plants these heaters are still referred to as “Wansons”.

WT represents some of the best Israeli manufacturers in these fields such as Thermax Limited, Oilon Energy, Cain Industries, Cybernetik Technologies and Super Scientific Works, to mention a few.

In the year 2000, WT made a strategic decision to expand its supplier base to the Far East and had a specific interest in India. Since then, WT has successfully introduced several high quality suppliers from India to the Israeli market.

Alex AverbuchAlex Averbuch
Chairman of the Finance Committee


Alex Averbuch holds the position of Head of Marketing with ASHRA -The Israel Foreign Trade Risks Insurance Corp. Ltd.

ASHRA, fully owned by the Israeli Government, encourages Israeli exports by insuring medium and long term export credit transactions and investments abroad.

Averbuch served in ASHRA as a Financial Analyst, Head of Governmental Guarantees Department, Export Insurance Department Underwriter, and Marketing Manager.

Averbuch is deeply involved into various foreign trade finance activities and participates in business forums, seminars, and events that promote International Cooperation and Israeli Export abroad.

Averbuch was in charge of the “National Agent Project” that promotes Israeli Exports to The Republic of China via Chinese trading companies. He also supports commercial and cultural relations development between Israel and CIS Countries.

Averbuch was also heavily involved with cooperation with local and foreign financial institutions, as well as Foreign Embassies in Israel and Economic Missions overseas.

empty-profileAvi Markovich
Board Member

Avi Markovich is a businessman specialized in business development in the territory of Indonesia and Southeast Asian Markets.

Avi is the owner and the Managing Director of INDOLINK – Business Development Asia that was founded in 2004 as “Connecting Indonesia” – a venture to develop business with Indonesia. Indolink has assisted a wide range of Israeli companies and the public whereas it has successfully entered the Indonesian market. Indolink business activities have since expanded to Singapore and Philippines as well and transformed the company to Business Development Asia. 

Since Avi speaks the Indonesian language, possesses deep knowledge about the Southeast Asian markets, people, and cultures, he has a vision and dream to introduce Israeli technologies to Indonesia that will help improve life qualities of the people in the region. Nowadays Indolink is active in the clean water, health, telecommunication, and software industries.   

Indolink also has a succesful track records in its ventures by recommendations from its Israeli clients. Indolink has been appointed as an advisor to the Israeli Export Institute and Israel Ministry of Trade to support trade promotion activities in the Indonesian market.  

Avi is a Board Management in the Israel Asia Chamber of Commerce since 2008, holds an MBA from Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a MAGNA CUM LAUDE B.A in Economics and Business Management from Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

_0009_Korot Mepi - IMG_4354-PhotoMepi Frankel
Board Member


Mepi Frankel is the Director at PTL Group-China and has been the Group’s representative in Israel since 2004. PTL Group-China provides effective management and operational support solutions to international companies in the Chinese market. 

Mepi has over 30 years of experience in senior management positions in Israel and abroad. His international experience covers a wide range of businesses that include fields such as mining, energy, chemical production, R&D, information management, communications, and banking.
 He served as a senior manager at Bank Mizrahi group and as a CEO of several companies, including InfoServe providing telecommunication services, Karaganda Power in Kazakhstan, Kazphosphate Group in Kazakhstan, RASys – Refined Atomization Systems, ITTI – Information, and Image Management.

Mepi has also served as a member of investment committees for various financial bodies and as a director in public companies traded on the Tel Aviv and New York stock exchanges.
 Until recently, Mepi was the chairman of the “Trade and International Business Development Companies” division of The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute (IEICI), and is currently also a management member. 

natashaNatasha Slavachevsky
Board Member


Natasha commenced her professional experience as a Sniper Instructor in the IDF School for Snipers, from which she completed her service in the rank of Sergeant. In addition she was a Training Development Commander at the LOTAR – Counter Terrorism Tactical Training School.

Following her military experience, Natasha obtained a BA from Tel Aviv University in History of the Middle East and Africa (“Bridge between Continents” program) and East Asian Studies. Natasha also holds an MA in “Contemporary Middle East, 20th Century”.

Natasha served as the Managing Director of the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce from 2010 until January 2014 and was a valuable contributor to enhancing productive commercial relationships between Israeli and Asian companies.

Natasha remains a Board Member of the chamber and actively works with the Israeli business community in Asia. She is currently a Business Development Manager at Epstein, Knoller, Chomsky, Osnat, Gilat, Tenenboim & Co. law offices.

_0002_Korot amir yaar

Amir Yaar
Board Member

Amir Yaar is known to be one of the leading financial entrepreneurs in Israel and is recognized as a business opportunities finder.

Amir is the CEO and Founder of “China Israel Synergy” group. Amir’s business activities also include being an angel investor in Start Up companies. To this day he already invested in a few Medical Device technologies and Clean Energy technologies companies. Amir is a member at the YPO WPO worldwide organization and joined the Board of Directors of the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce in 2013.

Dudi NessDavid Ness
Board Member


David Ness, Managing Partner at BDO-I2I & chairman at b2Bcs Ltd, possesses a large amount of experience with the Indian market and the Indian business culture. David has over 25 years of extensive experience in the Israeli Hi-Tech industry due to the fact that he held varied positions with the biggest companies such as IAI, Alcatel, and ECI. He also spent four years in India and two years in Singapore managing Israeli companies.

David earned his B.Sc. in Computer Engineering from Connecticut University and holds an MBA in Economic and Management from the Technion. He also attended and graduated the school of Mediation and serves as a public representative of the Regional Labor Court in Tel-Aviv.

Jacob_FassJacob Fass
Board Member

Jacob Fass was born in Australia in 1947 and made aliyah to Israel in 1949. He served in the Israeli Defense Force from 1965 to 1968, immediately entered the university upon finishing his service, and received his BA in economics and international affairs from Hebrew University. 

Over the course of his life, Jacob has served many important roles in the commercial sector of Israel. From 1977 to 1981, he was counselor for economic affairs for the Israeli embassy in Holland. From 1985 to 1990, he served as the minister counselor for economic affairs for the Israeli embassy in Tokyo (which also covered activity in South Korea and Taiwan). From 1998-1994, Jacob was the first head of the mission in Taiwan and from 1994-1998, he was the minister counselor of economic affairs for the Israeli embassy in Vienna-Austria.

From 2005 to 2009, Jacob was the chairman of the Israel-Korea bilateral Chamber of Commerce. From 2009 onward, Jacob serves as our Board Member and as the deputy chairman of the Israel-Japan Chamber of Commerce.



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